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The need

Life insurance — a topic that often lingers in the back of our minds but rarely gets the attention it deserves. However, this year being the 20th year of the nonprofit Life Happens – Life Insurance Month, which falls in September every year,, it’s crucial to recognize its importance and understand why everyone should consider it a financial necessity. According to the 2023 Insurance Barometer Study, more than 100 million uninsured and underinsured Americans recognize their need for life insurance. One of the most compelling reasons to consider life insurance is the undeniable need it addresses. This staggering number underscores the urgency for individuals to take action to protect their families’ financial future.

Owning a life insurance policy not only provides financial protection for the family but also fosters a sense of financial security. According to the study, nearly 7 in 10 life insurance owners report feeling financially secure, compared to less than half of those without coverage. This data highlights that life insurance isn’t just a financial tool; it also offers a sense of security.

At Mitra, we understand the importance of what insurance plays in the hearts of the wider community and the issues facing the industry. To that, we are committed to bringing a consumer centric design approach to all our solutions every step of the way.

Addressing common misconceptions

While the need for life insurance is clear, there are common misconceptions that prevent many from getting insurance coverage. More than a third of individuals without life insurance admit that they are unsure about how much coverage they need or what type to buy. This uncertainty can lead to procrastination and, ultimately, inadequate coverage.

It’s essential to recognize that life insurance can do so much more. It can provide income replacement for your family and enable wealth transfer, ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure even after you’re gone.

Changing trends in insurance shopping

The landscape of shopping for insurance has evolved over the years. In 2023, for the first time, consumers expressed a preference for purchasing life insurance online rather than through in-person meetings. This shift reflects the growing comfort and convenience of digital channels for insurance transactions. As technology continues to advance, it’s essential for consumers to adapt to these changes and explore the online options available.

Another noteworthy trend is the increasing use of social media to research financial products, including life insurance. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become valuable sources of information for consumers seeking insurance-related knowledge. This underscores the importance of staying informed and utilizing these digital resources to make informed decisions about life insurance.

It is being increasingly understood that life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution; its importance varies depending on your age and life stage.

Elevating the insurance experience

Mitra Innovation offers a well-thought blend of technical expertise and domain knowledge. With a deep understanding of the insurance sector, Mitra Innovation is positioned as trusted partners in enhancing customer experiences. It leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline insurance processes and has a set of innovative solutions that make it easier for customers to navigate the complexities of insurance, including purchasing policies online.

With a keen understanding of the insurance industry’s intricacies, Mitra Innovation tailors solutions to address specific challenges and needs. This expertise ensures that customers receive the most relevant and effective insurance products. At the core of Mitra Innovation’s approach is a commitment to customer excellence and prioritizing customer journey, making it more accessible, transparent, and efficient. This focus on customer satisfaction elevates the overall insurance experience.

As we move ahead of the Life Insurance Month, the statistics speak for themselves: millions of Americans acknowledge their need for coverage, and life insurance can enhance financial security and peace of mind. By addressing common misconceptions, embracing digital trends, and considering life insurance at every stage of life, it is possible to secure a brighter financial future. Mitra Innovation’s technical and domain expertise in the insurance industry promises a more accessible and customer-centric insurance experience. Explore the possibilities that life insurance offers — because your future deserves to be protected.

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