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If the Covid-19 global pandemic has taught us anything it is how much we need our fellow humans. We are social creatures, at work and at play. We seek the company of others for comfort, for support, for fun, for achievement; to spark ideas and to share the load. 2020 has seen unprecedented isolation of individuals, families and workforces, and it is universally recognised that many have suffered as a result.

 I have long nurtured an interest in the health and wellbeing of my global team, from an academic as well as an empathetic viewpoint, so developing a platform that could enable remote consultations and assessments, and deliver digital wellbeing services for employees, was a project close to my heart.

With Dynamedics, Mitra used low-code technology allowing for rapid development of the required applications and workflows. Easy integration with existing systems also simplified the capture of comprehensive real time data. But it’s the analysis of that data, our alignment with clinical standards, and the ability to connect with third party systems and workflows that is at the heart of the system. Indeed, Mitra used Dynamedics to deliver a Covid-19 pre-screening tool for US based Plumb House, where daily data collection and analysis ensures employees or contractors are symptom free before entering a workplace, significantly reducing the risk of infections, and providing feedback for government and regulatory third parties.

In its simplest form, Dynamedics is a digital platform to measure the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. At Mitra, employees use an interface on their mobile phone to the Dynamedics platform, to answer daily and weekly questions, which are designed to flag health and wellbeing issues at an early stage. With many employees struggling with mental health due to isolation and fears around job security, the benefits of the daily survey are twofold. Employees assess their own mental health, receiving daily tips and expert reminders to help them self-manage their wellbeing, while managers can oversee their teams, providing support to employees if needed. Integrating with HR platforms and external specialists, we can refer employees beyond their team manager for health assessments with specialist consultants or refer them to testing centres or counsellors, and offer practical support with childcare providers, debt management services or specialist trainers; the possibilities are boundless.

 As an entrepreneur there is a profound sense of fulfilment when technology you have developed can be used to help people in your own community. The Suwodaya Program is a collaboration between Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, a social regeneration and empowerment charity and the largest NGO in Sri Lanka, a team of senior medical professionals and of course Mitra Innovation. We are using Dynamedics to build a web-based questionnaire that is being rolled-out, initially to 10 districts, questioning between 2,000 and 5,000 people. The survey will seek to assess the health and wellbeing of those questioned and measure the impact that Covid-19 has had on their lives, including employment, social circumstances and mental health. A full analysis of the captured data will be undertaken by a team of medical professionals led by Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, General Secretary of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, with all resulting findings and recommendations published in a White Paper. The objective is to use this information to highlight particular needs within these communities and apply for funding to run programs addressing those needs.

 I feel a keen responsibility for the wellbeing of my team, people are what make Mitra special and our business successful. By investing the time and technical resources to listen to each and every person, and help them address concerns and issues, we will emerge from the challenges of the global pandemic a stronger and more connected workforce. And with The Suwodaya Program giving the communities across Sri Lanka a voice, we can gain real insight and craft better outcomes for our citizens.


Dr Ashok Suppiah
Founder & CEO Mitra Group

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Chief Executive Officer

CEO and CO-Founder of Mitra Innovation, Ashok is a gifted entrepreneur with a passion for helping clients. He transforms brilliant ideas into successful products and services through pioneering technology, driving transformative solutions. Ashok’s astute leadership and vision for digital enablement and product incubation are the foundations of Mitra’s commercial success.