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Managing Director, APAC

Dammika Ganegama

Involved in the tech industry for over 20 years, Dammika owns and operates multiple ventures and businesses across the world. Throughout his career he has developed a wealth of experience in consulting with global clients on program management, business consultancy, setting up operations, partnerships and joint ventures. Involved in designing consumer and enterprise products (‘edocs’ was a successful online product sold to Oracle), delivering operations and support services to SME’s, and delivering large scale enterprise solutions and consulting services to multi-nationals including Siemens, Aetna, BT, Staples, Axiata, IBM and other Fortune 500 clients.

An entrepreneur and technology consultant, working with SME’s and corporates, using disruptive thinking around technology, process, R&D and automation to drive efficiency, productivity, quality, and quick time to market, driving competitive advantage with unique value propositions.

“At Mitra, we’re focused on solving complex problems with simple solutions and apply design thinking principles to everything we do.”