Mitra Innovation was born of a desire to make the best technology has to offer available to the widest audience.  The digital journey can be challenging. Finding clarity and purpose amongst the buzzwords and acronyms, and understanding what your organisation needs, requires a partner you can trust. A partner who can deliver scalable solutions with the right level of resource at the right price with minimal risk. Ensuring secure collaboration internally and externally, getting data sources working together to draw better insight and turning business requirements into strategic, innovative solutions, generating growth and customer engagement. With expertise across multiple systems and platforms and across all business and public sectors, wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help.


Ashok Suppiah

Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Co-Founder of Mitra Innovation, Ashok is a gifted entrepreneur with a passion for helping clients. He takes brilliant ideas and converts them to successful products and services, using pioneering and disruptive technology to drive transformative solutions. Ashok’s astute leadership, and his vision of digital enablement and product incubation are the cornerstones on which Mitra’s commercial success is built.

“Expertise and execution are critical when it comes to achievement. We provide a unique mix of hands-on operational assistance, technical support, networking and mentoring to drive excellent outcomes.”

Derek Bell

Chief Operating Officer

A results-oriented business leader with over 25 years’ experience, Derek specialises in global business management and technology innovation. As Co-Founder of Mitra, his drive for operational excellence and his strategic insight and leadership, have spearheaded the company’s growth. Derek increasingly focuses his energies on coaching, mentoring and nurturing the next generation of talent within Mitra Innovation.

“Mitra’s business unit is undoubtedly one of the best places you could see Agile-scrum being used effectively to bring competitive advantage to our clients.”

Dammika Ganegama

Managing Director, APAC

Entrepreneur and technology consultant with over 20 years’ tech industry experience, Dammika is our Business Development guru. He consults for global clients on programme management, business strategy, operations and joint ventures, specialising in consumer and enterprise product design. He delivers operational and support services to SME's, builds large scale enterprise solutions and provides targeted consulting services across sectors.

“At Mitra, we’re focused on solving complex problems with simple solutions and apply design thinking principles to everything we do.”



Chinthi Weerasinghe

Chief Executive Officer - Digital Services

A career technologist and consulting practice leader, highly skilled and experienced in directing teams of talented practitioners in IT and business consulting projects. Focussed on accelerating business outcomes whilst ensuring quality of delivery.

“By providing engineering know-how and the support and vision for cultural change, Mitra drive the shift from quality assurance to quality engineering.”

Bivendra Narangoda

Chief Operating Officer - Mitra Ventures

As the COO of Mitra Ventures, Bivendra’s role is to design and implement successful programs to incubate new business and product ideas to take it to market. He heads operations at Mitra Ventures, the holding company for new startups and joint ventures.

“Success of a new product or a venture depends on the ability to incubate and take it to market. A good strategy, strong execution and right people are key to this success”. At Mitra we enjoy our success, learn from our mistakes, and love what we do.”

Jim Holt

Group Finance Director

As a senior accountant with over 11 years of accounting and finance experience, and working across multiple industries and business sectors, Jim brings an astute commercial focus to the finance function at Mitra Innovation.

“We can help put all the puzzle pieces together to see how digital transformation can achieve greater operational efficiency; improve reporting and understanding, and encourage better customer experience and retention.”

Sanjeev Palihawadana

Chief Operating Officer - Mitra Digital

Specialising in service delivery and operations, Sanjeev brings 20 years’ experience leading large-scale projects across multiple sectors including healthcare, financial services, telco and retail, to his role as Head of Global Delivery at Mitra Innovation.

“Successful delivery isn’t just about writing good code, there is an art to managing scope, change and client requirements, and expectations.”


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