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Celebrating Our Journey

Our Values

At the heart of Mitra is a group of diverse individuals, committed to adding value to your organization. Our core values bring the team together, to deliver excellence in everything we do.

Our Purpose

To become the trusted partner of choice in realising your full potential for growth for customers, partners, team members, community, and investors

At Mitra, we really care

At Mitra, we’re deeply committed to our people, their well-being, and their careers. This passion has driven us to launch Experienz, a new ESG monitoring and reporting initiative that enhances the employee experience.

Our dedication extends to making a global impact by supporting eco-conscious entrepreneurs through Mitra Ventures. We help them create prototypes, scale up sustainably, and put ESG at the core of their propositions, all while caring for their businesses and products.

Mitra passionately supports initiatives like the Mitra/SDF Bright Sparks Program, empowering youth in remote Sri Lankan areas with tech skills and job prospects. We also contribute to environmental efforts, like the XPress Pearl Disaster nurdle cleanup, through corporate sponsorship and our dedicated employee volunteers.

Our commitment to creating a better world is driven by Experienz, as we strive to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Mitra
Innovation Journey

In 2012, three visionary founders united with a singular mission — to help entrepreneurs and enterprises craft and launch transformative technology solutions. Their extensive experience with Fortune 500 enterprises and a multitude of tech startups in the US fueled the desire to expedite innovation by establishing comprehensive capabilities. Fast forward to 2024, Mitra Innovation today stands as a global enterprise, commemorating 12 years of architecting innovative, disruptive, and game-changing technologies.

Headquartered in the UK, Mitra operates across the globe with offices in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, and the US. As a leading development, digital transformation, and IT services company, Mitra specializes in delivering scalable solutions, ensuring digital transformation and seamless integration, all at the right price and minimal risk.

Mitra’s success is epitomized by its dedicated workforce, akin to a closely-knit family, consistently exceeding expectations. Over the years, the company has cultivated a myriad of innovative customer solutions, often surpassing complexities and challenges to achieve successful outcomes, enhancing the well-being of people and communities. Fostering strategic partnerships with industry leaders like AWS, R3 Corda, Azure, Creatio, and WSO2 has been instrumental. These alliances signify not only the provision of resilient platforms but also a commitment to trust — in the products, the teams, and the shared journey of growth.

Mitra’s leadership understands the importance of foresight, evident in its proactive stance on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), and corporate responsibility. With a presence in eight locations worldwide and a workforce in the hundreds, Mitra has become a global force by nurturing tech startups, cultivating entrepreneurial talent, fostering strong partnerships, and prioritizing the well-being of its global family.

Mitra Innovation Board

Ashok Suppiah

Co-Founder, Board Member

Ashok is a gifted entrepreneur with a passion for helping clients. He transforms brilliant ideas into successful products and services through pioneering technology, driving transformative solutions. Ashok’s astute leadership and vision for digital enablement and product incubation are the foundations of Mitra’s commercial success.

Dammika Ganegama

Co-Founder, Board Member

Entrepreneur and technology consultant with over 20 years’ tech industry experience, Dammika is our Business Development guru. Globally, he specializes in program management, business strategy, operations, and joint ventures, emphasizing consumer and enterprise product design. His strengths include supporting SMEs, crafting large-scale enterprise solutions, and offering targeted consulting across diverse sectors.

Derek Bell

Co-Founder, Non-exec Board Member

A results-oriented business leader with over 25 years’ experience, Derek specialises in global business management and technology innovation.As Co-Founder of Mitra, his strategic leadership and commitment to operational excellence have fueled the company’s growth. Derek now concentrates on coaching, mentoring, and fostering the next generation of talent at Mitra Innovation.

Hari Murthy

Board Advisor

As a seasoned Chief Executive Officer and Entrepreneurial Partner, Hari specializes in mentoring entrepreneurs towards high-value exits. His expertise lies in North America-Asia cross-border corporate scaling and growth, encompassing organization building, sales, business development, marketing, and IT strategy. He serves as an advisor, angel investor, and board member for technology companies, with current investments in AI platforms, insurance, and healthcare.

Chinthi Weerasinghe

Chief Executive Officer – Mitra Innovation

A seasoned technologist dedicated to driving business success for clients, Chinthi excels in building and leading global business consulting teams, crafting adaptable IT and business solutions that deliver value. As an industry and consulting practice leader, she has directed talented teams across insurance, healthcare, investment, wealth management, and software development. Her innovative yet pragmatic approach fosters clear communication between business and technical realms. She specializes in quality assurance and management, emphasizing delivery excellence through metrics and defect prevention.

Sanjeev Palihawadana

Chief Operating Officer – Mitra Innovation

Sanjeev is an accomplished Senior Leader in the IT Industry, with 20+ years of expertise in Service Delivery and Operations.Sanjeev has a proven track record leading large-scale engagements across Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Telco, and Retail sectors. Notably, he led teams to secure eight Global Service Excellence awards at Virtusa.

Ross Haworth

Interim CFO – Mitra Innovation

Currently working as Interim CFO for Mitra Innovation, Ross has a strong financial background with extensive experience starting with PWC in the Corporate Finance Team before moving to Simmons & Co’s energy focused investment bank. He is also currently a member of Archangels Investment Appraisal Group and Investor Director Group, as well as being Acting CFO / Non-Executive Director for a number of technology companies. With full lifecycle M&A experience from origination through to post M&A implementation both as a vendor and buyer, Ross provides valuable insights into the investment community for industrium.

Diyamanthi Gunaratne

Global Head of Finance

A seasoned Finance Professional with over 25 years of excellence in SMEs and Conglomerates, particularly within Manufacturing, Retail, and the Power Sector, Diyamanthi started her career at Ernst and Young, mastering external audits across diverse industries. Her expertise spans Financial Control, Reporting, Fund Management, Strategy Advisory, Project Management, Procurement, Administration, Human Resources, and overall Operations Management.

Giving back to the Community

At Mitra Innovation, our steadfast commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our dedicated partnership with Experienz Ltd U.K. (LINK) Together, we have embarked on a comprehensive initiative to measure and monitor carbon emission reduction, diligently track progress toward achieving our net-zero strategy and contribute to our community’s growth and well-being as a way to give back. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond mere measurement, as we actively pursue sustainability initiatives, including:

A heightened focus on increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources, such as solar.

Contributing significantly to the decarbonization agenda through extensive tree-planting initiatives, aimed at offsetting carbon emissions.

Spearheading a zero-plastic movement within our office premises, a key aspect of which was the signing of a ‘Zero-Plastic Pledge’ by all employees.

Extending support for the education and well-being of bright minds at orphanages through our welfare club.

Through our alliance with Experienz Ltd, we are not only embracing sustainable practices but also driving positive environmental change, reinforcing our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, and contributing to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Stronger Together

Delivering cutting-edge, secure cloud-native solutions & services for peak performance

Industry leaders and market disruptors have placed their trust in us for their tech-led transformation

Don’t just take our word for it!

Working with Mitra Innovation has truly enabled Moneta to further its digital transformation aspirations. It has been a pleasure working with the Mitra team, whose work has created such a huge difference to the organisation and the future of Moneta. Without Mitra, we simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have for our customers, and for that, I thank them.

Vladimir KleinCIO of Moneta Money Bank

As the Head of IT Development at Travis Perkins, I have been truly impressed with the Mitra Innovation team and I am thrilled we chose them as our partner for this important integration project.
Mitra Innovation has brought WSO2 systems integration expertise to Travis Perkins and has enabled existing and new technologies to communicate across our systems.
There is a strong relationship between us, which is bolstered by Mitra’s drive to find innovative solutions and ensure the best result. The determination and commitment of Mitra is enabling us to achieve our goals for delivering the next generation of tech evolution for Travis Perkins.

Chris StoneHead of IT Development, Travis Perkins

I’d recommend Mitra to anyone because of their ‘can-do’ attitude. The solution we have, not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Communication was particularly good and the positive way the project was run was also very encouraging. We’re very pleased with the result we got from the Mitra team and I see an opportunity for us to work together to develop this platform, and to automate and improve other processes within Red Moki.

Greg WoolleyCEO, Red Moki

The Mitra team took the time to understand the context of where we were in our digital transformation programme and showed us how we could realise our ambitions with a tailor-made integration platform. Not only do we now have an architecture blueprint that will enable us to increase our ability to be agile and responsive, but we also have a roadmap of how to get there.

Karl WalkerHead of Architecture at University of Exeter

Special tech teams possess a profound understanding of the business, boast extensive technical expertise, uphold rigorous quality standards, excel in collaboration and communication, and consistently deliver on commitments. In short, they make a difference in people’s lives. The Mitra Leap in! team, is a team like this.
Our team actively develops exceptional systems, like the Leap in! app, which empowers customers to easily manage finances, invoices, profiles, and account history, despite disabilities. Working with extraordinary individuals, we achieve remarkable feats. Future plans include streamlining our back office, optimizing budgets, and personalized support for members. As we persist in growing and innovating, I eagerly anticipate the unfolding of new features and advancements on our journey.

Jane SheehyCTO of Leap in!

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