WSO2 was founded in Mountain View, California. Born in the heart of Silicon Valley, it now has offices in London and Colombo, and employs 500 people.
WSO2 is a middleware company like no other. Their open source enterprise platform allows customers to choose a range of software components that best fit their business and development plans, enabling them to grow faster and more efficiently. It is scalable, modular and trusted, and powers the likes of Boeing, O2, and eBay – the latter of which handles over 1 billion transactions every day.

Mitra is one of the Strategic Partners of WSO2. This means we are well versed in various WSO2 technologies, and have developed our business to incorporate these skills. To service our own customers, we use the WSO2 platform to help enterprises with technology transformation, and to help entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses.

WSO2 and Mitra in operation

Mitra was able to harness the intelligent integration, and many modules that WSO2 offered, to forge the BIMaaS asset data integration platform. Mitra combined their ESB with various BIM elements, such as BIMserver and BIM Surfer, to create the current range of BIM products.
Mitra has an OEM agreement with WSO2 for the BIMaaS platform.