As a strong advocate of WSO2 middleware, a recognised partner, and preferred system integrator, Mitra Innovation’s CEO was recently invited to take part in a panel discussion at the popular WSO2 conference in London.

WSO2 offers a collection of highly scalable products that perform as a ‘platform’, and the conference brought together partners and users of the WSO2 platform from all over Europe..

The main themes of the conference were Mobility, The Internet of Things (IoT), API Management, Analytics and Security..

Ashok Suppiah (Co-Founder & CEO, Mitra Innovation) was invited to join the panel discussion titled ‘WSO2 as a Platform’. The Panel was moderated by Rebecca Hurst and included other panellists: Gabriel Popa (CEO, IELLO), Henrik Rüther (Solutions Architect, E.On) and Samisa Abeysinghe (VP – Delivery, WSO2).

Watch the video below.

Notable points from the panel discussion

Ashok mentioned three ways WSO2 can be used to help provide an excellent customer experience when working with start-ups and helping them to foster innovation:

WSO2 facilitates integration to legacy, present and future systems
Hugely helps with scalability with minimal investment
Provides strong enterprise class security.

Ashok explained that some of the challenges Mitra used to face in designing, building incrementally, and facilitating applications was due to the fact that past applications needed to be designed to be flexible enough to support a range of channels. The WSO2 platform has addressed this problem with the API manager, and other capabilities that help to target the channels that are needed when building new products or enterprise applications, as well as designing for future channels that are needed when the product goes live.

Ashok also spoke about how Mitra handles more Cloud based deployments than hybrid deployments, because for product entrepreneurs, it’s easier to design for the Cloud and make it available for consumers and corporate. However, Cloud deployments are designed as such that they can also be a hybrid, in case it is sold to an enterprise which may have different security policies.

Finally, Ashok closed by stating that the most important thing to be taken away from the discussion is understanding that:

All the various WSO2 components are tightly integrated
The analytic capabilities that result from that are very powerful

This year’s WSO2 conference was definitely a very worthwhile event. WSO2Con not only explores the only comprehensive and 100% open source middleware platform out there, but helps us understand how to scale and deploy solutions for a connected business; and discover modern integration best practices with APIs, the cloud, and more. It also examines the power of expert support and provides plenty of opportunities to network with industry experts and peers.

We hope to be back next year!

Iya Ahmad

Iya Ahmed | Associate Marketing Executive
Mitra Innovation