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It was a bitterly fought campaign. Swords were drawn. Knives were thrown. Insults laid down. But it’s now over and London has a new mayor. Forget bicycle riding Boris, London has a new kid in town and it’s the son of a bus driver, Sadiq Khan.

Last week wasn’t all about the London Mayoral elections though. Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, and Local Council Elections also took place around the country.

So why are we asking you to vote for Mitra and Modern Democracy Limited? We didn’t run for any kind of office…

No we didn’t, however we were a part of the local council, police crime commissioner and Scottish Parliamentary elections’ voting process.


Modern Democracy Limited is a Northern Irish based company, which provides services and software to help organisations and electoral service professionals runs elections, through better management of electoral events, monitoring and controlling election suppliers. The company is relatively new, but very successful having worked on countless elections for local and national government, as well as the development of interactive Digital TV, Internet and SMS voting channels.

The recent local council and parliamentary elections have been significant for Modern Democracy Limited as the company played a large part in the voting system used as part of the elections in Yorkshire and Scotland.

Mitra Innovation also had a hand in these elections as we built an enterprise class platform, on behalf of Modern Democracy Limited, which they used for the elections.

The enterprise class platform technology was an election manager system, which aided election officer management:

  • The platform comprises of two portals that were used by the Presiding Officer and Election Managers. The Election Manager is in charge of the election, managing operational activities at polling stations across the council by interacting with Presiding officers and poll station inspectors, partly through the use of this mobile-based technology.
  • The platform allowed the Election Manager to increase operational efficiency by having a single dashboard to raise and address issues such as insufficient ballot box tables or lack of voter signs across the stations immediately. Election Managers can also monitor stations’ status with invaluable information as the readiness for Election Day activities, voter turnout, and number of postal packs received and not collected.
  • The software also enables secure monitoring on the movement of ballot boxes to the counting center at the end of the day with GPS tracking technology and enables generation of automated ballot paper accounts at the click of a button.
  • The platform contains user friendly features such as a dashboard with colourful indicators and real time statistical reports, the facilities to open close polling stations, report issues, record and track progress, send and view notifications, upload photos and documents, as well as a chat functionality.

With the use of technology, Modern Democracy Limited enabled local councils to manage their elections effectively and efficiently.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the political parties since the beginning of the year. But it’s also been an exciting time for Modern Democracy Limited and Mitra Innovation whilst we developed the election management platform and saw it in action over the course of the last few days.

Congratulations to the new mayor! As a London based company we look forward to seeing what you have in store. Congratulations also to the winning councils and Police and Crime Commissioners.

Congratulations to Modern Democracy Limited too: the election technology was a success and Mitra Innovation looks forward to assisting with more election software as and when the need arises.


Pulani Ranasinghe | Associate BA
mitra innovation

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