Taking advantage of WSO2 capabilities


Taking advantage of WSO2 capabilities in order to build a thriving business

The team at Mitra Innovation are experts in finding ways to get existing/new technologies to integrate and communicate with each other across various platforms, in order to achieve one great common aim. When it comes to integration, we regularly rely on WSO2 middleware to achieve goals, whether or not we are helping a company to integrate legacy systems and disparate software, or helping to build a company from scratch. We used this tried-and-tested formula when it came to helping Kraydel – a new and exciting venture aimed at the elderly care market – to develop their service and launch it onto the market.

Kraydel – the business

Kraydel is an innovative new assisted living service which can enable elderly people to live independently in their own homes. Through the use of a smartphone app, a wrist strap, and a base station, Kraydel can provide people with peace of mind that their elderly relatives are safe and well, by letting them know about their daily movements, the ambient temperature in their homes, whether or not they have taken their medication, and if they have a medical issue or emergency. It can also provide elderly people with peace of mind that help is just a click away, if they get into any mobility or medical difficulties.

Kraydel – the technology and WSO2

When helping the team at Kraydel to develop the technical elements behind the business idea, Mitra Innovation took advantage of various WSO2 components, not only to program the technology behind the platform, but to also accelerate the development work.

Various components were chosen by Mitra, including  WSO2 Data Analytics Server, and WSO2 ESB. Whilst we cannot list them all in this article, it’s interesting to know the importance of the following three, in terms of their capabilities, and in terms of seeing how WSO2 components can connect together easily.

The importance of WSO2 Data Analytics Server for Kraydel

The wrist strap communicates millions of concurrent bits of data every second. This is great, but Kraydel also needed something to analyse the data. And quite significantly, something with the ability to analyse the data in real time, in order to notify a family member if the information signified that something is wrong with their elderly relative. WSO2 Data Analytics server was chosen by Mitra as the perfect software component for this task.

WSO2 Data Analytics acts as the brain of Kraydel. It helps to configure different types of event receivers, so that different messages can easily be added, e.g. mqtt, http, soap etc. It also ensures that Kraydel becomes highly adaptable with other software/hardware components

The different message support means we have been able to integrate numerous sensors, and web services into Kraydel using various communication protocols. For example Kraydel can be configured to consume weather forecast services from different weather forecast vendors.

WSO2 Data Analytics Server – with the help of WSO2 Siddhi query language – measures/generates the heart rate and body temperature of an elderly person, as well as the ambient temperature of the atmosphere they are in. It also sends alerts to family members about the readings.

The Data Analytics Server also supports predictive analysis of the data which we plan to use on behalf of Kraydel in order to detect future health risks for the elderly people. For example, the data may signify sleep disorders in the elderly person, which may trigger signs of future health problems. The data analytics component will help Kraydel to detect these scenarios for their customers before it is too late.

The importance of WSO2 ESB for Kraydel

As well as Data Analytics Server, Mitra also chose
WSO2 ESB for Kraydel. The ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is important as it is used to connect the various different software components which make up the Kraydel platform. For example, within Kraydel the Data Analytics server may generate a notification about a person’s high heart rate, but we needed a tool that would then inform a certain set of people – all of whom may have different preferences when it comes to receiving notifications (i.e. email, SMS, telephone calls etc.). WSO2 ESB enables this functionality

Finally, WSO2 ESB’s powerful message mediation capabilities have completely removed the pain a developer normally experiences when integrating different software components. In fact, it can even accelerate development time tenfold.


Mitra Innovation and WSO2

WSO2 is a global movement which is making enterprise middleware exponentially more cost efficient, collaborative and faster than ever. The team at Mitra are passionate about WSO2 because not only is it opensource and componentized – which means we deploy only what our clients need, when they need it – but it also provides flexibility for development architecture.

WSO2 has been the perfect solution for Kraydel. Not only has it enabled us to choose the right apps and connectors throughout the development lifecycle in order to build the service as a whole, but it has also made the build cost effective and flexible.

By choosing and integrating WSO2, the team at Mitra have provided Kraydel with the ability to grow at an accelerated rate, whilst achieving their ultimate goal of launching their exciting new venture onto the market.

We did this with our expert team of developers that have helped mitra maintain our “WSO2 Preferred Partner” status.

Tharinda Methmal

Tharinda Methmal| Senior Software Engineer
Mitra Innovation