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September has come to an end and we hope you’ve had a good month! We’ve had a great four weeks at Mitra Innovation, especially because we were officially granted ‘Preferred Partner’ status from WSO2, which was a great boost for our company.

Read below to see what else has been happening in the world of Mitra!

We also focused on some special awareness days that fell within the month of September such as National Programmers Day and National IT Professionals Day, in recognition of what we, and other Information Technology companies, do.

In a constant bid to promote entrepreneurs, we’ve also acknowledged American Business Women’s Day this month by celebrating three successful and inspirational American business women.

Finally, we’re getting very excited about the awards ceremony for the final of INVENT 2016 tomorrow night. A company we have helped to grow – Kraydel – has reached the finals! Find out more below.

Mitra Innovation has been granted ‘Preferred Partner’ status with WSO2 

Mitra Innovation is pleased to announce it has been granted ‘Preferred Partner’ status with WSO2. In recognition of Mitra Innovation’s strong capability to deliver WSO2 solutions as part of systems integration and enterprise architect projects, WSO2 felt we would be a good preferred partner.

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International Programmers Day

Our modern world and environments have been transformed through computers, technology and software. Behind these brilliant pieces of software are programmers, who solve our problems using clever code, cloud security solutions, and intense development projects. To celebrate all the positive changes that programmers make to improve our daily lives, we recognised ‘International Programmers Day’ on 12 September.

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National IT Professionals Day

It was National IT Professionals Day on 20 September! A day for IT professionals worldwide – the unsung heroes – to feel proud of their knowledge, their skills and their roles within their organisations. As IT professionals ourselves, we felt proud enough to celebrate the date

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American Business Women’s Day

At Mitra Innovation, we are big on entrepreneurship! We love entrepreneurs and innovation and we spend a great deal of time assisting entrepreneurs to launch their innovative products and services onto the market through our product/service incubation services and our unique start-up kit programme. We’d love to work with more female entrepreneurs and business owners and therefore to observe and appreciate women on this special day, we took a brief look at three of America’s most successful and inspirational business women and entrepreneurs.

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Only a day to go until INVENT 2016. Here’s hoping Kraydel wins!

On Thursday 29 September, the winners of INVENT 2016 will finally be announced at an awards dinner in Northern Ireland. And Mitra Innovation will be there to show our support for Kraydel, a company which has not only reached the finals, but is also a perfect example of Mitra’s Product Incubation service.

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