Welcome to the Mitra Monthly Newsletter

It’s the last day of October, so we’d like to wish you a happy Halloween!

We’d also like to tell you what has been happening in the world of Mitra in the last four weeks:

  • Find out how we have used WSO2 to develop a service for Kraydel – a new and exciting start-up for the elderly care market.
  • You can also read about a new office we have just opened, as well as careers fair we have recently attended.
  • Finally, we’d love to invite you to a FREE webinar that will show you how to accelerate app development. The webinar is on 17 November and further details are below.

Have a great November.

Mitra Innovation and Kraydel: Taking advantage of WSO2 capabilities 

The team at Mitra Innovation are experts in finding ways to get existing/new technologies to integrate and communicate with each other across various platforms, in order to achieve one great common aim. When it comes to integration, we regularly rely on WSO2 middleware to achieve goals. We used this tried-and-tested formula when it came to helping Kraydel – a new and exciting venture aimed at the elderly care market – to develop their service and launch it onto the market.

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Accelerate app development by 20-30%. Join our webinar to find out how

Mitra Innovation has developed a new and powerful tool to speed up software integration projects and app development. Join our FREE webinar on Thursday 17 November to find out more.

Further details can be found here.



Mitra Innovation opens fourth office

Thanks to the support of our customers and partners we’re pleased to report that Mitra Innovation is expanding rapidly. In the last year, we have not only doubled, but tripled in size! In addition to our London, Colombo and Moratuwa offices, we have just opened our fourth office in Moratuwa.

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Joining the fight against cancer

Mitra Innovation’s Managing Director – Dammika Ganegama – recently participated in the Trail Walk 2016, in order to raise money to build a new cancer facility.

Find out how we like to help in the fight against cancer here.


Modern technology for a modern democracy

In early-May the London Mayoral election, the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections, and Local Council elections took place in the UK, and Mitra played a part. How? We helped a company called Modern Democracy Limited to develop election management technology – built using the WSO2 platform – for some polling stations in Yorkshire and Scotland.

Read about our recent work with Modern Democracy Limited here.