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Happy August everyone! As we approach the end of Summer, take a look at what Mitra has been doing over the past month. Everything from appointing a new Managing Director of Enterprise Services, to building a proof of concept online platform for a leading healthcare brand. As well as helping host the Australian trade mission to Sri Lanka, and keeping on top of Pokemon Go.

It’s also Olympics month, and as supporters and enablers of entrepreneurs all around the world, we decided to take a look at one of the most amazing entrepreneurial brands from Brazil, and find out how they became so successful.

Havianas: flip-flopping entrepreneurship on its head in Rio de Janeiro 

The summer Olympics made its way to South America for the first time ever, taking place in Rio de Janeiro. And as Brazil welcomed 15,000 athletes from 205 countries, the innovative brand, Havaianas, also received the sporting guests, by creating a specially designed flip-flop collection…

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INVENT 2016: Support Kraydel, one of the finalists!

INVENT 2016 is a competition which aims to challenge entrepreneurs to come up with the next ‘big’ idea. It’s a competition which helps to put inventors on the map and gives them a platform for valuable promotion.
It has been running for a while, and is about to culminate at an awards ceremony at the end of September – INVENT Awards 2016.
Mitra is proud to say that a start-up we have invested in – Kraydel – has made it to the finals!

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Australian IT / BPM Mission to Sri Lanka

Dammika Ganegama, Vice President of the Sri Lankan and Australian Chamber of Commerce, as well as Founder & Managing Director of Mitra Innovation was pleased to invite the Australian IT/ BPM delegation to Sri Lanka on the 10th of August.
The delegation brought together companies looking for IT products, BPM services, tech VCs, JVs, and companies wanting to sell to Sri Lanka and the South Asian region.

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Mitra appoints new Managing Director for Enterprise Services

Druvi Jayamanne joined Mitra Innovation at the beginning of August. He said “I am delighted to join this fast growing innovative company, and I’m excited at the opportunity to offer innovative solutions to Mitra’s existing and prospective clients.”
We’re excited to have him onboard. Find out more about Druvi here.

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The Aftermath of Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO.
Its rocketing rise through the ranks, staggered sweeping of states, and palpable pervasive permissions.
How one of the most beloved and nostalgic games of 90’s kids and millenials has taken the world by storm; while showing the public a glimpse of the capabilities that AR / VR / MR can provide.

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