Mitra Innovation and the Tour de France

It’s the end of July, which means the end of the annual Tour de France race. In honour of this great cycling event, we’re dedicating our latest newsletter to Team Sky, and to showcasing how innovators in the business world can learn from the innovators in the race.
Take a look at these four articles we’ve published in the last month – all written by Derek Bell, COO and Co-Founder of Mitra Innovation.

Part One:
Using the Tour de France as a useful guide to improving innovation

Find out how innovation helped the Tour de France teams evolve, and how we can use the philosophies of Team Sky in the business world as entrepreneurs and innovators.

tour de france-part-1

Part Two:
The importance of marginal gains in the Tour de France

The Tour de France provides a perfect illustration of the importance of innovation. This article reflects further on how innovation is helping in professional cycling racing and how, in business, we can learn from the teams.

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tour de france-part-2

Part Three:
The importance of having a flexible plan in the Tour de France

In business, what if your carefully worked out plan is shattered? Do you have a good contingency plan in place? It is important to think about these things, especially as innovators and entrepreneurs. So, what can we learn from the Tour de France about being flexible when making important decisions?

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tour de france-part-3

Part Four:
The importance of innovation in the Tour de France and how we can learn from this in business

The 2016 Tour de France provided a perfect illustration of the importance of innovation. With the race over for another year, let’s reflect on how innovation helped the winners, and how, in business, we can learn from these winners.

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tour de france - part 3

In other news…

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