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 Welcome to the Mitra Monthly Newsletter

Mitra Innovation has had a busy June with EU Referendums, acquisitions from major medical companies, and new client signings. Find out what we’ve been up to below

Mitra and the EU referendum 

The UK referendum about whether or not to stay in the EU as an EU member state has been and gone, and it’s been a crazy few weeks of turmoil in Brussels and amongst the UK political parties. We’re keen to see how this will pan out!
There was no such turmoil for one of our clients though, whose software was used for voting in the polling stations in Sheffield and Mid-Sussex! Everything ran smoothly and Mitra was there for support.

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Innovations in cycling… Following the lead of Team Sky in the Tour de France

This weekend saw the start of the Tour de France 2016. As a keen cyclist, Derek Bell (co-founder of Mitra Innovation) looks at how innovation and a willigness to never accept second best, has helped teams achieve success in the race, and how we can use these philosophies as innovators and entrepreneurs in the workplace.

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Mitra partners with Degani, one of Australia’s largest coffee shop chains

Mitra is proud to announce that we have just signed an agreement with Degani, an Australian cafe network offering gourmet food, coffee and catering. Degani has recruited us to help them upgrade their web capabilities, and implement a new stock management system and ordering process for store managers.

We look forward to working with you Degani!

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Mitra’s healthcare technology partner, PathXL, acquired by Philips

The multinational health technology company, Philips, recently announced its acquisition of PathXL, the Belfast-based leader in digital pathology software. This is a great achievement for PathXL, and also exciting news for Mitra, who helped PathXL to build new software.

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Handling error requests in WSO2 ESB

If you’re struggling with knowing how to handle error requests in WSO2 ESB, take a look at our June blog, written by one of the Mitra developers. You’ll find some useful tips amongst the content.

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