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It’s not everyday that a company gets a full page feature in a publication like the FT, but that has happened to Mitra today and we’re very pleased.
The article is titled Mitra accelerates innovative ideas into successful business ventures. As well as focusing on the origins of innovation, it also features interesting insights about Mitra’s founders, Ashok Suppiah and Dammika Ganegama.
The FT interviewed Ashok and Mitra and the article is presented in a Q&A type format which includes questions such as:

  • How can businesses build innovation capabilities in order to enter new markets?
  • In what way has Mitra been able to create and popularise innovation systems as a way of problem solving, increasing profitability and streamlining operations?
  • How can innovation create value?
  • Explain how you have used WSO2’s open-source middleware to build some of your products.
  • What is the scope for innovation outfits like Mitra to transform state services i.e. health, transport, etc.?

Read the answers to these questions, as well as additional Q&As in the article.We’d be happy to talk through any of the topics featured in the article. We’d also love to hear your own thoughts on these questions and answers.
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Julie Pease |  Director – Marketing
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