Thanks to the support of our customers and partners Mitra Innovation is expanding rapidly. In the last year, Mitra Innovation has not only doubled but tripled in size! In addition to our London, Colombo and Moratuwa offices, we have opened our fourth office in Moratuwa

The soft launch of the new premises took place on the morning of the 10th October 2016. All the staff were present, and it was pleasurable to have so many of the people that have contributed to our recent growth altogether in one place. Our teams officially moved into the office today, and everyone is excited about the new space.

We are very proud of how far Mitra has come both in the UK and Sri Lanka, and the impact our people and technology have had in helping companies and partners with accelerated innovative solutions.

We are excited about the future and the opportunities it holds. Our new office marks the next stage in our development, and we look forward to continuing our growth at an even faster rate from our new base, with continued hiring in the UK, Europe, Australia and Sri Lanka

Iya Ahmad

Iya Ahmed | Associate Marketing Executive
Mitra Innovation