Mitra Innovation has been granted ‘Preferred Partner’ status with WSO2

By September 8, 2016 wso2 No Comments

Mitra Innovation is pleased to announce it has just been granted ‘preferred partner’ status with WSO2.


WSO2 is an open source technology company founded in Mountain View, California, providing service oriented architecture (SOA) middleware. It is best known for its Enterprise Service Bus, API management, governance and analytics offerings, some of which are notably used by eBay, Boeing, Experian and others.

In recognition of Mitra Innovation’s strong capability to deliver WSO2 solutions, WSO2 felt we would be a good preferred partner, especially as Mitra has a reputation for being technology integrators and enterprise architects which is achieved by using WSO2 middleware.

Partnership benefits and opportunities

The Mitra/WSO2 partnership provides several benefits which include:

  1. More rapid time to market for applications, which helps us improve in terms of meeting clients’ deadlines.
  2. WSO2 products are composable in nature, with deep integration capabilities, and this allows for seamless integration of necessary WSO2 components to existing environments.
  3. Lastly, it gives Mitra more flexibility in meeting customers’ needs because of WSO2’s open source approach and ability to deploy the same software on-premises in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

The partnership also provides opportunities for joint customer and sales engagement; joint marketing, public relations, case studies and testimonials; co-branded collateral; PartnerStart and sales training; quarterly joint business planning; WSO2 partner finder website listing; WSO2 partner logo; WSO2 partner communications; and partner portal access and deal registration. Mitra also receives additional incentives and greater training discounts as a preferred partner.


Being named a preferred partner is certainly a valuable recognition and we are keen to continue this rapidly growing and successful collaboration with WSO2.

Iya Ahmad

Iya Ahmed | Associate Marketing Executive
Mitra Innovation