We’re pleased to report that Mitra Innovation has recently been granted the internationally recognised ISO9001 quality accreditation from BSI (the British Standards Institution). This is a great achievement for Mitra Innovation as it shows that we operate the organisation in alignment with an internally approved best practise standard, and that we are always looking to improve our business functions and processes.

This approach will significantly benefit Mitra in many ways, a few are listed below:

  • We’ll continually improve, streamline operations and reduce costs
  • We’ll win more business and compete in tenders
  • We’ll satisfy more customers
  • We’ll be more resilient and we’ll build a sustainable business
  • We’ll show that we have strong corporate governance
  • We’ll work effectively with stakeholders and our supply chain
  • We’ll allow more time for innovation.

Becoming ISO9001 accredited means we have now joined over a million businesses and organisations worldwide who have also improved their businesses with this management standard.

We’d like to thank the BSI auditors who went through our business with a fine-tooth comb to assess our competencies! We’d also like to thank all Mitra Innovation employees who played a part – and will continue to play a part – in maintaining these high-quality standards.


Julie Pease | Director – Marketing
Mitra Innovation