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“Culture” was the most popular word of the year. Well, it has now become one of the most important words in corporate Boardrooms, and for good reason. The culture of an organization plays a direct impact on the organization’s attitude towards their customers, and ethos for their employees; hence it has a direct impact on their enterprise.

I for one, have experienced several different cultures in the companies I’ve worked for before I joined Mitra Innovation. I must admit that it is the culture at Mitra that is a pillar of strength that glues all the team members together. In recent times it is vital that companies put the needs of the employees first and assist them to succeed. It is evident motivated employees lead to higher productivity and eventually higher performance.

At Mitra Innovation, we operate in teams and every team member is considered a key resource, we are treated with respect and every member is appreciated and valued. Mitra is a company with a flat- hierarchy where team members report to the managers directly; thereby increasing the understanding among the top level management and the team members. The team members are dynamic and help each other eagerly and with passion. This is a booster for everyone as we know that even through tough times; we can always count on our colleagues to help us out.

Mitra also successfully implements the “mitra-way” culture – a process that develops our decision making process by combining best practices such as agility and intellect. This process encourages everyone to face new challenges and make quick and productive decisions. Mitra-way has helped our team members to think “out of the box” and expand their knowledge by learning on the job which adds value to their experiences.

Most importantly what I learnt at Mitra is that this company is bound by ‘friendship and trust’, a mere definition of the name ‘Mitra’ ,and mentored by inspiring leaders at the helm. We believe in helping each and every individual to grow in the career, to become successful in their lives by providing them with guidance, support and advice. Constant motivation and gearing up of the team encourages the team to work harder and prove themselves worthy.

Mitra is a company who has successfully built a strong culture amidst many challenges, and has made the culture a part of the brand.

Our mitra-way culture is built on four simple yet strong values ‘Open culture’ – we believe in open communication and equal rights among teams.
‘Right first time culture’ — get everything right from day one; don’t repeat mistakes
‘Customer first’ — we strongly believe customer service is of paramount importance. You look after customers and they will be customers for a very long time
‘Entrepreneurship’ – we believe anyone can be an innovator and incubate new ideas. Team members are encouraged to come up with ideas and launch their own ventures.

These values are inculcated in every team member who joins mitra, and provides the team the necessary mindset and environment to work happily, Mitra is a great place for dynamic individuals who are passionate to explore and enhance their skills, to experience team work and most importantly enjoy what you do!

Fathima Amra | Finance analyst
mitra innovation



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