Today sees the culmination of one of the UK’s most talked about events in recent history, as the public hits the polls with their choice on whether to ‘Remain’ in or ‘Leave’ the EU.

Whatever your beliefs, today and tomorrow will be days charged with excitement and electricity about the UK’s future.

At Mitra Innovation, we’re also excited for another reason! One of our clients runs election management and polling station software, which is being used in Sheffield and Mid Sussex, to collect and count the EU votes; and Mitra helped to develop the software.

The election management and polling station software facilitates election management, disparate polling stations (a total of 288), and presiding officers (a total of 325), through a single point of access.

The software ensures co-ordination times will be cut by 85%, constituents will have a better experience with casting their vote, and voter turnout numbers will be updated and available for real time reporting.

Ashok Suppiah, CEO of Mitra Innovation says “We are excited to be part of digitalising this election journey and for being given the opportunity to build a platform that will be used for the EU referendum”.

We’ve been looking forward to the voting fervour, but had to get our rest in early last night! The Mitra team have been on hand as technical support from 6am, and will be until 10pm Friday evening.

Let the voting commence!


Julie Pease | Director – Marketing
Mitra Innovation

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