Mitra helps smart entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises to accelerate innovative ideas into amazing global businesses and solutions

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Build strong and successful ventures with a range of global partners

Help individuals within enterprises transform the way they operate

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We love success and we want you to be successful. Ideas matter. But because expertise and execution are critical when it comes to achievement, we’ll provide a unique and valuable mixture of hands-on operational assistance, technological support, networking and mentoring to help make you shine.

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the mitra way


Launch new products and services onto the market using the proven five step ‘mitra methodology’ which includes idea generation, to launching and operating the business.

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Private Investors

You’ve invested funds into a new business opportunity. Choose mitra as your technological and operational partner to provide the necessary processes to launch the business and ensure maximum ROI for your money.

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Transform and optimise the way your organisation runs with new technology solutions and digital transformation. We can help with ideas. We can provide the right technology. We can build bespoke solutions. We will make your ideas happen.

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Supportive partners.

Just another reason to choose mitra innovation

As well as providing the skills, knowledge and hands-on approach you need to launch your ideas, we also have a range of ready-made software platforms, products and partnerships in place to act as support tools. These include:


Launch and integrate your products and services faster and cheaper using a highly scalable, reliable and open source middleware platform. Suitable for entrepreneurs and enterprises.


NBC is an opportunistic investor who
looks for and seeks out smart investments that are uniquely equipped to create long term value by executing on agreed strategic and tactical plans. Mitra have partnered with NBC to drive technology innovation to their portfolio.

other partners
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Our customers include

"I must warn that anyone who is looking to “just tweak your processes a bit, to make it slightly more efficient” should probably not be working with Mitra. They are great if you really want to make a quantum leap in the business. They possess deep technical knowledge, have a very collaborative approach, and are precise in their delivery"

− Ajith Fernando, Managing Director/CEO - Capital Alliance Holdings LImited

"The clarity, commitment and connectivity that Mitra brings provides startups with a winning formula to stride forward. Their expertise in innovation and technology is invaluable"

− Dr.Nithya Pilgrim, Founder and Medical Director – Hooheals.

"The team at Mitrai designed and built an email signature app that was rolled out across employees within Optima Care. I found the team to be incredibly professional, supportive and - most of all - patient and happy to explain everything to me as a complete techno-phobe! .. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mitrai and would like to thank the team for a superb job done."

− Suzanne Clarkson, Marketing & PR Lead - Optimacare

"Mitra were a dream to work with. Their technical ability along with their working standards ensured we had a product delivered in a very tight time frame. A great company to work with"

− Paul Davidson, Director, IMPACT Software

"The Team at Mitra should be congratulated for being adaptive and intuitive to our requirements, whilst providing a high level of responsiveness and support to our requests and ever changing requirements. Over the period we have worked together the team have become a valuable part of business"

− Daniel Austin, Business Development Manager - Eagle Boys

"It’s a pleasure to work with the Mitra team. Their enthusiasm is infectious, they have a great desire to please and they work very hard to deliver.
I genuinely feel like they are part of my own business and commit fully to our joint success"

− Paul Moorhead, CEO - Feature Creep

"We wanted a new modern look for our website but based on a limited budget and Mitra found us a suitable theme and created our new webpage based on thoughts and input from ourselves. Any changes required were quickly carried out and support once we had deployed the new site was readily available."

− Rozy Corry , Chief Executive Officer - Replify

"Mitra have made a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the 3C ICT shared service, a partnership between Huntingdonshire, Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils. "

− Julie Slatter, Corporate Director (Services) - Huntingdonshire District Council

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