Hack’ed – Mitra Innovation Hackathon 2017


Mitra Innovation to host its first ever internal software development Hackathon event!

An esteemed panel of experts will make up the judging panel.

Hack’ed is the name of Mitra Innovation’s Hackathon event for 2017, which will take place on the 7th of October, 2017 in Moratuwa – Sri Lanka. The 10 hour Hackathon event will bring together eight teams of Mitra Innovation’s expert software engineers to compete against time and each other to deliver the best and most relevant office productivity application.

The team names are as follow:

  1. A Team
  2. pʌɪrət
  3. Oxygen
  4. HackSlash
  5. 404 Not Found
  6. LastMinute
  7. AcceSSDeNIeD
  8. Alfred

As an inward facing Hackathon, Hack’ed 2017 focuses on the theme of using a new app to improve the office environment.  Mitra Innovation’s CTO and Chief Architect – Sudaraka Jayashanka – invited the teams to the Hackathon and issued the following instructions:

In our office environment, while carrying out day to day work, you must have felt “If I had an app to do this, it would be more productive”. Competing teams are expected to identify a scenario within Mitra Innovation’s office environment that is problematic and provide a brilliant solution in the form of an app.

“Solutions have to be built entirely from scratch and within a time frame of no more than 10 hours, after which time, competing teams will present their solution to the judges panel and the winning teams will be awarded exciting prizes. All participating teams will be provided with an AWS account to provision the services needed to run and deploy their app solution.”

As part of the Hackathon, the eight teams are allowed to choose their technology of choice, as long as the solution is deployable on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As per the Hack’ed 2017 guidelines, participating teams will consist of five members and it is up to the teams to acquire the necessary skills required to build their solution.

Jayashanka continues: “The Hack’ed solutions will be evaluated by the judges, using the following criteria:

  • The selected idea with regard to the app and its relevance
  • User experience and usability
  • Completion of the proposed features
  • Technology stack and technical approach
  • Quality of code
  • Quality of the demonstration.”

An expert panel of judges

Mitra Innovation’s first ever internal Hackathon will be judged by an expert panel of esteemed IT and software development gurus. The judges will include:

  • Hasith Yaggahavita, CTO of 99x, an award winning international software engineering company
  • Venura Mendis, CTO of WSO2.Telco
  • Ashok Suppiah, CEO and Co-founder of Mitra Innovation.

Hackathon results

The event is set to be a great day. The eight teams of highly competitive and skilled software engineers at Mitra Innovation are keen to get started and prove their app invention, and their team is the best! The teams are also keen to showcase their skills in using Amazon Web Services when building new and exciting products.

Good luck to everyone taking part! We’ll report back next week with the results and photos of the event.