Jacob Bailey

Jacob Bailey is a world-class digital design agency, providing innovative solutions to a range of clients from small startups through to major multinational enterprises like Mastercard and BT. Mitra has worked with Jacob Bailey on a number of assignments including training and implementation of Agile delivery, provision of QA services and social media analysis. Two of these assignments (for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines and Access Unlimited) won national awards for innovation and creativity.
Jacob Bailey have enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past 12-18 months, and Mitra is proud of the part we have played in helping them achieve their success.

Optima Care

Optima Care’s expertise spans transitional services for residential school leavers and adult supported living, to complex elder age and end of life care. Optima Care asked Mitra for assistance to optimise some of their back office processes and information management needs. We helped them by rapidly deploying enhanced case management and workflow management capabilities, which are now in everyday use.


OnTrac delivers a variety of innovative solutions to the asset management sector, with an especially strong presence in transport infrastructure. They also conduct product innovation, delivering imaginative new solutions to this rapidly evolving market.
Working in partnership with OnTrac, Mitra re-engineered one of their products – ‘Impact’ – and developed innovate components for their flagship mobile platform, ‘Nutshell’. Both ‘Impact’ and ‘Nutshell’ were launched in 2015, and are steadily increasing OnTrac’s foothold in the marketplace.


Dovenest offers a selection of leadership development courses for the high-end corporate sector. Their client list includes many leading brands such as CapGemini, Santander, Thames Water, Network Rail and many others.
Mitra designed, built and delivered Dovenest’s new corporate website, which has since increased their online sales. Mitra also designed, built and delivered a website for Dovenest’s offshoot subsidiary which focuses on emotional intelligence products and services (EQI).


Delmege is a bluechip retail giant in Sri Lanka, working in partnership with Mitra. Mitra developed a logistics planning, tracking and management solution to increase the efficiency of Delmege’s distribution network. The platform – named eSuite – not only helped Delmege to increase store sales, but it also helped optimise which products are sent for delivery on a daily basis. A mobile solution was also proposed to help drivers update real-time sales orders and provide order flow visibility to HQ.


N-able is based in Sri Lanka. They provide innovative IT solutions to major enterprises including nationally recognised clients in the telecoms and financial services sectors. To assist N-able, Mitra provided programme and project management office tools, processes and staff for two of N-able’s flagship business change programmes. Mitra also ran the PMO to deploy WiFi solutions across the country, which was driven by the country’s Telco giant, SLT.


In Singapore, there are many doctor finder services providing expats, Singaporeans, and overseas visitors with the online tools to find dentists, doctors and specialists. However medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals advertise on these websites, or pay to be listed, which means the user mainly receives biased, commercially driven information, rather than the right information, when trying to decide which doctor to choose. This concerned the founders of hooheals because they believe that people should see the right doctors, not simply doctors with large marketing budgets. Hooheals was therefore set up to provide a personal, one-to-one patient-doctor matching service for residents of and visitors to Singapore.
As a co-investing partner, Mitra helped the Hooheals founder build the business from the ground up, including designing, building and delivering the company website, as well as the back office operational processes.


Fishburn is a niche specialist digital design agency, providing innovative solutions to a range of clients including Network Rail and RBS.
Fishburn was pitching for some work to provide a replacement intranet for one of the world’s leading international banks, and Mitra provided consultancy and technology advice to help Fishburn prepare for the bid.

East of England Local Government Association (EELGA)

The EELGA provides specialist consultancy services to all the local authorities within the East of England region.
Acting as the Programme Director, Mitra led the creation of a new ICT Shared Service to provide ICT services to three local authorities in the Cambridgeshire/Huntingdonshire area. As part of this assignment, Mitra developed:

  • The financial model
  • The business case
  • The organisational design for the new structure
  • The service catalogue and technology roadmap
  • The transition plan
  • The TUPE transfers of staff to the new organisation

Mitra also shaped and mobilised the pilot projects within the new organisation, and led the training and migration to the Agile delivery methodology.


MerchantCantos is a specialist digital design agency serving a broad range of high profile international clients. They are especially strong in the energy sector with numerous oil and gas clients. Mitra provided Agile consultancy to one of MerchantCantos’s digital transformation programmes for a global oil company.


Kipstor helps organisations develop quality, trusted, and structured information that can be easily shared and distributed to support better decision making and consistent communication. Mitra are working closely with Kipstor to develop a data-driven product that greatly simplifies the visualisation of these information models.
Although Kipstor is a very recent client, it is already clear that there are many ways in which Mitra can assist them in fulfilling their market potential. So keep an eye out for lots more cool new products and ventures to come!

Food Assured

Food Assured is a startup that was frustrated by the mountains of red tape in New Zealand that is required for food sellers to produce ready-made meals.
In order to become a verified food seller in New Zealand there is a great deal of important documentation, procedures, and paperwork that needs to be completed. This prevents food sellers from actually making and selling food. Food Assured wanted to fix the situation and make the whole process as quick and easy as possible for food sellers by automating the complex regulatory compliance processes.
Their goal was to create an app informing food sellers what health and safety compliance reporting and auditing documents is needed and when, as well as where to send it. Mitra has been Food Assured’s technology partner in this venture, and we have designed, developed and implemented the new automated platform.

Modern Democracy Limited (MDL)

Modern Democracy Limited assists election professionals to plan and deliver great elections. They do this by providing innovative solutions in election management, including digital voting systems. With a fast-growing international clientele, MDL are investing heavily to expand their portfolio of services and they have partnered with Mitra to build the next generation platform for enabling digital election management.
Mitra has built a dedicated engineering team to re-architect MDL’s enterprise solution using WSO2 middleware. Mitra will build the entire platform and operate it for MDL as well. Building these new services on the WS02 platform has enabled Mitra to rapidly deliver highly secure and scalable solutions; thereby supporting MDL’s market expansion plans. Mitra and MDL are in this partnership for the long term, and plan to build numerous components on top of the new platform.

Parcel International

Parcel International is a Dutch based logistics firm, founded in 2007. The company offers the newest and best technology for their clients, who wish to book shipments with the best carriers such as UPS, FedEx, TNT etc, for the lowest costs and best service.
Parcel International have partnered with Mitra to rebuild their platform. The new platform will enable Parcel International to grow worldwide and franchise their offering to other countries. Mitra is currently redesigning the platform, improving the customer experience and plans to rebuild their platform once it is designed.

Eagles Boys

Eagles Boys is an Australian fast food chain specialising in pizza. They are the second largest pizza chain in Australia with over 270 stores. They have also recently expanded in India. Eagles Boys partnered with Mitra in late 2014 as they wished to outsource all aspects of their IT. Today, Mitra runs Eagle Boys’ entire production platform, which has been enhanced with new features, and also offers 24×7 support to their 270+ stores. Mitra runs Agile processes to implement new capabilities into the platform every four weeks.
Replacing native mobile apps with a new webapp was a major recent success, which saw orders grow from 40% to 55%.


Statseeker is an Australian company which offers a network monitoring software that is highly scalable and purpose-built to blanket network the entire network. Their product is the world’s only dedicated network performance monitoring technology, which combines speed plus scale plus value.
Mitra tests and validates their product to ensure it is reliable and works well.

Capital Alliance

Capital Alliance is the leading provider of financial services and trading in Sri Lanka. They have four different companies with many customers from blue chip companies and high net wealth clients.
Their primary challenge is transparency and visibility across companies. Mitra provides strategic advice and overall IT direction to overcome this challenge. Recently we helped the bank find the best CRM solution and currently implementing WSO2 platform to integrate with the chose CRM.

I must warn that anyone who is looking to “just tweak your processes a bit, to make it slightly more efficient” should probably not be working with Mitra. They are great if you really want to make a quantum leap in the business. They possess deep technical knowledge, have a very collaborative approach, and are precise in their delivery”
Ajith Fernando, Managing Director/CEO – Capital Alliance Holdings Limited, Asia


A new American start-up spun out from Name? Group from Malaysia and WSO2 Inc, USA. They offer a turn key product for major Telco and mobile providers to offer advance mobile solutions such as single-sign-on from mobile devices to “paying” for goods using mobile services
This platform is built on top of WSO2 platform, an area Mitra has extensive expertise. The client partnered with Mitra to service 6 large Indian mobile providers including Airtel. Mitra helps with platform development and deploying it at Airtel & 5 other mobile providers.