Executive Summary

Kraydel is an innovative new assisted living service that enables elderly people to live independently in their own homes.

Through the use of a smartphone app, a wrist strap, and a base station, Kraydel provides people with peace of mind that their elderly relatives are safe and well, by letting them know about their daily movements, the ambient temperature in their homes, whether or not they have taken their medication, and if they have a medical issue or emergency. The service also provides elderly people with peace of mind that help is just a click away, if they get into any mobility or medical difficulties.

Mitra Innovation helped Kraydel to incubate the entire business platform by taking advantage of WSO2 components to both program the platform and accelerate the development work.

By integrating WSO2 into Kraydel, the Mitra Innovation team helped to:

• Ensure the build was cost effective and flexible
• Reduce the amount of development time for the project
• Provide Kraydel with the ability to grow at an accelerated rate, whilst achieving their ultimate goal of launching their exciting new venture onto the market.

The Challenge

With an increasingly aging population, post-retirement life for many is longer, and space in care homes is limited and costly. This presents a challenge to find new ways to enable people to spend their old age safe and well in their own homes. Kraydel is a young tech company, based in Northern Ireland, who took on the challenge by building a product and service that provides non-intrusive in-home monitoring, as well as reminders for the elderly to take their medications, and simple-to-use video communication facilities for them to engage with their loved-ones.

Building such a product and service presented technical challenges. For example, one of the main features of the product is ‘real time event communication’, which ensures immediate changes in the elderly person’s condition are reported to their relatives – e.g. their heart rate drops, or they have fallen over, or they have been sleeping for too long compared to normal patterns. The ‘real time event communication’ function created the need for a real time data processor, with high volume data support to handle the ‘millions of data per second’ that Kraydel devices generate.

Furthermore, the Kraydel platform also needed the ability to notify relatives and emergency services in emergency situations. This required a tool capable of alerting certain sets of people for each elderly individual – all of whom may have different preferences when it comes to receiving notifications.

How Mitra Innovated

Mitra Innovation helped Kraydel with these challenges by selecting various WSO2 components including WSO2 Data Analytics Server (WSO2 DAS), and WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB), and integrating them into the platform build.

WSO2 DAS was selected for its ability to analyse data in real time so that family members can be notified accordingly if something is wrong with their elderly relative. It acts as the Kraydel platform’s brain. It helps to configure different types of event receivers, so that different messages can easily be added, and ensures that Kraydel is highly adaptable with other software/hardware components. The DAS also supports predictive analysis of the data which Kraydel can use to detect future health risks for the elderly people.

The WSO2 ESB was very important for connecting the various different software components which make up the Kraydel platform. For example, within Kraydel the Data Analytics Server may generate a notification about a person’s high heart rate, but it is important for this information to reach a certain set of people through their preferred medium of receiving notifications. WSO2 ESB enables this functionality.

The Kraydel Architecture Diagram

The Kraydel architecture diagram

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

WSO2 is a global movement which is making enterprise middleware exponentially more cost efficient, collaborative and faster than ever. Mitra Innovation is a Preferred Partner of WSO2 and our team is passionate about it, not only because it is open source and componentised – which means we deploy only what our clients need, when they need it – but also because it provides flexibility for development architecture.

WSO2 has been the perfect solution for Kraydel. It enabled our team to choose the right applications and connectors throughout the development lifecycle in order to build the service as a whole and make the build more efficient in terms of time, cost and flexibility.

Paul Moorhead, CTO of Kraydel said: “By choosing to integrate WSO2 into Kraydel, the team at Mitra Innovation have provided us with the ability to launch our exciting new service and product onto the market, and grow at an accelerated rate. The flexible nature of WSO2 has also enabled us to work with Mitra Innovation and make changes to the platform as we progress, which is crucial for an innovative and fast-paced start-up such as ours.”

Ashok Suppiah, CEO of Mitra Innovation said: “WSO2 open-source components not only help enterprises to integrate their businesses cost effectively, but, more importantly, it helps entrepreneurs to launch their new ideas in such a way to enable their platform can be ‘enterprise-ready.’ We used WSO2 ESB and DAS to accelerate Kraydel’s innovation. The platform is highly scalable and can integrate to any external providers. It is powerful for new ventures!”

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