Executive Summary

GuardianMPS is a Northern Ireland based company operating in the lone working, mobile working and visiting worker personal safety industry. Through the means of a mobile application with an instant panic button, the company specialises in creating and maintaining communications between co-workers and supervisors when they leave  the safety of their office, hospital, or clinic. This ensures that if an employee needs help in a dangerous or volatile situation, or if they feel under threat, their colleagues will have all the information about where they are and what they are doing so that assistance can be sent quickly.

GuardianMPS is a very successful company with a user-base of over 1,000 subscribers. As the company grew, its existing on-premise environment started to show signs of stress, related to performance and reliability. The on-premise environment also became increasingly expensive to maintain. To solve the issues, GuardianMPS called Mitra Innovation to help migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment. Throughout the Cloud migration process, Mitra Innovation also achieved the following for GuardianMPS:

● OPEX cost reduction
● Scalability and high-performance
● Server availability
● Resource monitoring
● Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Mitra Innovation is a skilled expert in Cloud-to-Cloud systems integration and enterprise architecture and excels at enabling new apps and platforms to communicate with each other in the Cloud, to create time efficiencies and enhance business value. To help businesses succeed we use powerful Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) capabilities. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionalities. Together, this set of services form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the Cloud” to help businesses scale and grow. Mitra Innovation is passionate about its broad set of on-demand infrastructure services and flexibility for development architecture.

The Challenge

The question of on-premise versus a Cloud environment is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the IT industry right now. The choice between these platforms should always depend on a company’s needs.

As GuardianMPS were successfully expanding their business, their on-premise environment began to show stress signs related to performance and reliability, for the following reasons:

● On-premise solutions tend to be much more complicated when a business is changing and growing rapidly.
● On-premise can be much slower when it comes to releasing software updates and they take longer to implement changes as the needs of the business change.
● Modifications to software and hardware are often necessary and their implementation requires plenty of IT involvement which can be very expensive.
● Furthermore, the potential dangers to the on-site server (theft, fire, corruption, power outages/equipment failure or lack of redundancy) and their associated costs puts a company at risk.

GuardianMPS recognised the kind of costs they would face by keeping an on-premise environment, and asked Mitra Innovation to help with a less expensive, more secure, less complicated, and easier to maintain solution.

How Mitra Innovation Helped

After Mitra Innovation studied the existing GuardianMPS architecture, system dependencies, and how the on-premise solution was implemented; we identified the components that needed to be migrated to AWS.

Furthermore, a review of current and longer term business requirements with associated risk factors helped the Mitra Innovation team to identify a number of available options and determine the final solution that would best suit Guardian MPS’ requirements.

Mitra Innovation recommended – and moved the company to – a Cloud-based architecture with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and its associated services.

Amazon EC2 (an AWS product) provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the Cloud. Its simple web interface allows GuardianMPS to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. Additionally, it provides complete control of the company’s computing resources and lets them run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Furthermore, Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes rather than hours, allowing for faster scale capacity, both up and down, as computing requirements change. With Amazon EC2 the company can save costs because the service allows payments to be made only for the capacity that is actually used.

Additional Benefits


AWS makes it possible to generate multiple security levels for a platform such as GuardianMPS. Because their customers simply pay for the services they use, Mitra Innovation used AWS to implement flexible levels of security. We were also able to do this without the upfront costs that would be associated with an on-premise solution.

 Media storage

GuardianMPS had a huge content of recorded media files stored in their on-premise servers. The business found it increasingly difficult to manage and backup the files as the business grew. The AWS Simple Storage Solution (S3) was chosen to store the historical media.
Amazon S3 can be used alone, or alongside other AWS services. It is a very secure service with high availability and high scalability, which is very important because of the nature of the business.

 Cloud Formation

AWS Cloud Formation makes it is easy to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them. After finalising the Cloud architecture for GuardianMPS, the Mitra Innovation team designed a cloud formation template. Once this had been created, it was very simple to create the necessary environments for GuardianMPS, with minimal changes to the template.


GuardianMPS Cloud Formation Generic Template

The Beauty of AWS for GuardianMPS

Mitra Innovation is a skilled expert in Cloud-to-Cloud systems integration and enterprise architecture and excels at enabling new apps and platforms to communicate with each other in the Cloud, to create time efficiencies and enhance business value.

Using AWS, Mitra Innovation was able to choose the perfect solution for GuardianMPS, and they now enjoy a readily available, secure, scalable and high performing computing and storage environment/infrastructure along with the necessary tools to monitor and manage these resources.

In addition, operational costs have been reduced for the business, due to the absence of upfront costs and the ability to only pay for the capacity they need.

Paul Donnelly, CTO of Guardian MPS said: “Mitra were recommended by a colleague who was already one of their clients. I have been impressed by their wide ranging expertise, professional work ethic, communication skills and attention to detail. I won’t hesitate to use them as my number one development partner going forward.”

Mitra Innovation

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