BIMaaS Platform

Mitra Innovation, in partnership with WSO2 Inc., has developed a lightweight, robust, scalable and extendable platform for managing Building Information Modelling (BIM) asset information. Using our considerable experience in infrastructure and rail industries including Network Rail, we have launched this product to help enterprises adopt BIM governance without having to redesign their existing legacy systems.

Of paramount importance to the CIO is ensuring all those involved in projects have access to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) project data. Given the very large data volumes typically associated with BIM projects, there can also be challenges around system performance, scalability and availability.
BIMaaS provides a vendor neutral BIM information exchange platform which is lightweight, scalable, extendable and cost effective. BIMaaS provides a highly sophisticated integration engine for architects, engineers, contractors and project managers to compose and exchange BIM information.

 Our Strategic Middleware Partner 


This white paper aims to provide a complete understanding of BIMaaS platform developed by Mitra Innovation. Software vendors are in the process of enabling BIM compatibility into their software to support BIM standard demanded by companies and regularities. Our BIMaaS provides a rich API, where legacy applications could be easily integrated to exchange information seamlessly.Download this white paper to understand how you can benefit by using BIMaaS and easily integrate your legacy systems to achieve BIM compliance.