As a valued client of Mitra Innovation for the last year, we are proud to report that Beyond Analysis have recently won a prestigious data industry award.

Beyond Analysis Limited is a UK based company – which also has offices in Australia and Singapore – providing marketing services to help their clients turn data into actionable insights that enable decision making. The company also provides customer insights and CRM solutions that offer insight-based marketing decisions on targeting and segmentation, content, channel, and timing; store optimiser solutions; and consulting services by exploring data sources and understanding the available opportunities.

On Thursday 18 May, Beyond Analysis attended the Data 50 Awards in London where they were honoured to receive a ‘Best in Class’ award for ‘Marketing and Customer Insights’.

The Data 50 Awards honour the people at the forefront of data – those transforming organisations and enhancing decision-making through its use, managing and controlling its proliferating growth, and driving new business value.

Beyond Analysis has a proprietary product called ‘Quick and Easy’, which is a digital dashboard for retailers and the travel industry to see their operational performance daily. This dashboard will be used by over 2000 agents worldwide. Beyond Analysis engaged Mitra Innovation in 2016 to enhance the platform, deploy it to Beyond Analysis’s Fortune 100 customers, and to develop further products.

Beyond Analysis won the ‘Marketing and Customers Insights’ award for ‘Quick and Easy’, and Paul Alexander – CEO of Beyond Analysis – told the Mitra Innovation team:

“Please pass on my congratulations to the Mitra Innovation team in Sri Lanka. Whilst I was the recipient of the award I am very aware that I would not have won it without the support of everyone involved in the business – internal employees to partners and suppliers.”

Mitra Innovation would like to say huge congratulations to Beyond Analysis for winning the Data 50 Awards. This is an amazing achievement and we are proud to be a part of your successful team.


Julie Pease | Director – Marketing
Mitra Innovation