The Mitrai Way Delivery Model

In today’s dynamic business environment core strength of Mitra lies in its people and how effectively we collaborate which each other. Hence, we created the ‘The Mitra Way’


‘The Mitrai Way’ is a unique delivery model which is extended from Agile / Scrum Framework. Our team at Mitra is highly passionate and trained to use scrum to reap immediate and long term benefits. We thrive upon self-managing and highly performing teams to have predictable and repeatable releases, which ensures highest quality working products delivered swiftly to our clients and partners.
Our teams create highest visibility of the project progress to its stakeholders by involving them through every stage of the project development, while ensuring that the final outcome is up to the standards and meets all the clients’ requirements as desired.

Let us help you becoming successful in software development life cycle by building effective scrum teams and embracing tools and techniques which will work best for you. The Certified Scrum Masters and decades of experienced program managers will coach your teams getting started with Agile and excel in it. You will see the benefits immediately

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