4 years and counting

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4th anniversary

Big celebrations are not something we do every day in our work routines. However, the 2nd of March was a big day for Mitra. Mitra turned four!

On the 2nd of March 2012 Ashok Suppaiah, Dammika Ganegama and Derek Bell created Mitra Innovation (Pvt) Ltd. It sure would have been a painful birth with just four employees, four computers and one customer – Jacob Bailey, to whom Mitra provided social media analysis. However, today, as Mitra turns four, it has now become the proud owner of 2 offices worldwide, based in Sri Lanka and the UK. Whilst also becoming the proud employer of more than 50 employees worldwide; as well as become one of the leading companies helping smart entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises accelerate innovative ideas into amazing global businesses and solutions. With all the progression and development during these 4 years, Mitra proudly made its way to the Daily Finance Times!

Fast forward to 2nd March 2016, and Dammika took the Mitra team out to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Mitra Innovation (Pvt) Ltd. at Cinnamon Grand. As with all good events, we commemorated this event by cutting a cake.

Four years is both a long, and a very short time. Compared to a giant such as Virtusa our company is still an infant. On the other hand, four years in a sector, that is constantly and rapidly advancing is an achievement we can be proud of. It means we have managed to establish ourselves in this sector: we’ve claimed our rightful place here. This was not achieved with the sole dedication of Ashok, Dammika and Derek, but with the cooperation, dedication, sacrifice and hard work of all the fellow employees. Mitra has certainly made its mark over the past 4 years. In fact, it has become quite well known, not only within the country, but also abroad for its role in developing innovative ideas for entrepreneurs and investors. While appreciating what has been achieved in the past, it is equally important for the company to look forward to what it can do in the future. It is a hard fact of life that no matter how much contribution one has made, good work can never be finished. As we move on, it is appropriate to remind ourselves that we must not rest on our laurels; but rather to press ahead to see what else we can do to enhance the role of the company.

Mitra has its own culture of hardworking and cooperative team members where everybody gains their own self recognition and self respect. In addition, these cultures inculcate in all who joins the Mitra team. We look forward for new team members to grow with us and share their talents and new ideas with us.

So in closing, congratulations to Mitra on all the high achievements, and all the very best for a brighter future!

Pasinduni Fernando  |  Finance Analyst
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